Game-changing performance of online advertising

We’ve merged 3 of the most important marketing channels of every online retailer – display, email and personalised web content - into one real-time analytical framework, equipped with its own artificial intelligence.

We’ve taught Yottly to recognise the latest buying signals, create an individual shopping profile, distinguish a visitor from a customer and automatically decide the best time for retargeting, when to get started with acquisition and when to remind through email triggers. And this means you have a considerably more successful online campaign at your fingertips.

Interested in finding out which one of your customers returns to your site and what she or he’s looking for today? Who’s choosing a new laptop and who’s picking a new dress? And how about reminding the customer just before s/he realises the kids’ snacks have run out? No problem!

Discover how easy it can be

Yottly creates its own data in real time based on visitor behaviour on your site and then immediately uses this in online marketing. Yottly returns not only numbers and recommendations but also a live audience of customers and visitors whom it targets in the right way.

Fully automated without the need for controls or setting manually – providing that’s what suits you…If not Yottly will be only too happy to offer you powerful tools to create your own email personalisation, remarketing or dynamic ad serving based on your own attribution models. .

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