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Hello there! I'm Yottly, your e-commerce AI platform, and I’m here to help you manage your e-commerce marketing and communicate more effectively with your customers.

Don't waste your precious time with email campaigns, audience modelling and other tedious tasks.

So what would 24 hours with me look like?

Just sit back, relax and watch me increasing your e-shop revenue.

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I'll start with data for your next campaigns

First off, I’ll start collecting data for your next campaigns by analysing night and day visitors’ onsite behaviour and how it is affected by my campaigns.

Yottly timeline
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Don't worry that something essential will be left unattended as I'll cover all the critical channels, including email, web and ads, steadily paving your way to success.


Visitor’s on-site behaviour


Their interests and purchases


Display campaigns’ influence on visitor’s needs & behaviour


Then I process all the data using Artificial Intelligence to create a tailor-made campaign just for you.

Stop wasting energy editing email templates and let me set them up for you.


Or you can tell me what to focus on.
Do you need me to meet some business requirements?

Just let me know what to promote in the next newsletter – I'll draw up a draft and find the best customers to suit your specific needs.
What’s more, I’ll also learn from your inputs so next time I'll adjust my drafts accordingly.


The next morning… Finally, all you need to do is check and approve my campaign drafts...


...that’s it! That wasn’t so hard, was it?

With me, e-commerce marketing is simple for everyone.

High performance

My decisions are purely data-based, meaning I’m bound to increase your revenue, cut down on expenses and increase the number of visitors to your site.

Hi-tech at your fingertips

It may seem overly simplistic, but the truth is I provide state-of-the-art technology that is extremely effective and easy to use.

Saves your time

I'll save you a lot of time by handling all the routine tasks, such as audience modelling, designing newsletters and, most importantly, figuring out what to promote to whom.


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